He is good too

There are some people in the world who think that the world around you is good and that you are good.

This means that many people are good and good because they are good.

Others are very good at your surroundings.

It is good when the environment is full.

Is it good when it comes to bad environment? You must decide if it is good or bad.

Still others feel good about getting something and prioritize it.

There are often good reasons to be good.

Such a person is not really nice.

He is not a polite person because of his environment.

Nirvana was never an angry person. It is not a mind-set.

Am I really good at it, good for the environment, not angry, not angry at all? Will you be angry when you find it upset?

Am I good for the environment?

Can I do well despite the bad environment?

Think about how well you manage your mind in the presence of those who are afraid of you.

The Buddha was good because the world around him was good.

This means that you are a good person because you are good.

Some people are good at getting something and prioritizing it.

Such a person is not really nice.

He was polite and had a good environment.

“Nirvana” is not a person who is not angry.

The “principle” is not a cold-hearted person.

Think of yourself. Am I really good at it?

Don’t you feel bad about the environment?

Do you not feel angry because you are not angry? Think about how angry you are, and think how you can control your temper.

Therefore, the Buddha lived in Vesali in the early part of the Dhamma.

There was a big housewife called “Vehikahka”.

The rich man had a housekeeper called Kaဠi. Kiki is very good.

The housekeeper does all the homework so he doesn’t have to look back.

Then the householder was calm and did not get angry.

So the boss of the neighborhood complained that he was very good.

I was thinking about it, was I good at doing what I was good at because I was good?

If I did not, he would try to convince me that he would be good to me.

The next morning, Kathy didn’t wake up.

He asked if he didn’t get up because he didn’t want to get up.

The boss became annoyed at the slightest hint of anger.

That day, I measured it.

The next day, he never got up again.

The landlord became very angry and beat him.

He hit Kia’s head and bleed.

So Kiki turned to his neighbor and looked here!

He shouted, “Look at the tyranny of the rich man, who praises him from a very good and kind place.”

Kia had a broken head and was tested, and from that day on she became a good hostess.

It is worth noting here that the Eight Disciples wrote here.

1. It is a state of greatness.

2. Angry Temporary Sun – The bad news spreads immediately.

It takes a lot of time to get a reputation, and it does not come up as a “wolf” or “shield” to gain glory.

But when it comes to sin, the bad news comes immediately.

From then on, Vladimirika’s boss became worse and worse.

Therefore, the Buddha said, “Do not be good to others.”

This is because he is doing good.

If it’s even good, what will happen to it?

Then the Buddha would say that people in the world may also have been lying to each other, and they would also be exposed to vulgarity.

If there is any reason why the Buddha would speak to such storms.

“Accept” with love.

(Excerpt from the Love of the Heart