The desire and the life will not always be the same.

If you have dreams, you can’t always get along, but forget about yourself.

There are many in the past, and there are many now

I think everything that is possible is not always true if there is a desire to be strong.

I have a strong desire but I don’t want to be left out of my life.

And you should not have to be comfortable alone, so that life is not the same.

Dreams are forgotten

Life is always going to be what you always wanted to be and never let you make the choice to forget

Prioritize what should be what most people do, and do what they want to do.

It’s not easy to say that things have always been a dream, and even things that you once wanted to achieve are often forgotten.

I love people who share the same hobbies.

Sometimes I’m just too tired to enjoy living in the wind

Looking back on the dreams I had once dreamed, everything was blurry

I don’t want to blame anything in life as the opposite of what I always wanted to be

Some dreams are still cling to it, if it’s time to get it right or when it’s all done and done.

I’m happy to let you do just one thing.