I’ve started to mature a little

As in the past … not so much

The question is, why does one change when he changes himself?

I think I can accept anything, whether or not I have a good selfie or whether there is a satisfactory answer.

Was he sorry for being on our side?

I just thought that he would never understand his love and that he had no power of understanding.

Remembering phones will never be the same again

I try to live alone with the thought that I can remember it but that it may not be remembered.

The thought of what was going on and what was going on and who you were with was very burning.

When I realized that there was no need for someone, I learned to be cautious

I try not to torture myself with thoughts of what I was doing wrong, as I did before.

I have now begun to mature a little earlier than I have matured.

I have been through a lot of lonely days with the thought that there is no one around me, and I have come to realize that I should be meditating.