I don’t want to get thirsty at all, and they have to pay me back.

When a thousand tons are paid a hundred, and a thousand things come back, a thousand things come back

Do not want nothing and do not want nothing

It is the hope behind the vanity of things

If you are being unfair, you will have to pay back the debt

When you want to be worthwhile, you have to work for yourself

You have to value yourself

One day when you take advantage of the goodwill and opportunity

It is often burdened with the burden of grace, and it rests on one’s head for life

How tired are you?

In many places where there has been thanks, the head nods

There are some people who live in the quiet of the water

I don’t want that to happen to me

If you only have one hundred, just buy one hundred and one thing

When you want 100,000 things, you need to have 100,000

And something that comes with a fair price makes it even more pure

I just want to be reminded

Do not want to be thirsty when you are free

They have to pay back the debt.

Some charities are not pure white, for example, they are watered down, for example

Do not take this seriously and do not trust your eyes.