Meeting the two is not without reason

The meeting between the two was not without reason

It may be because of the tides or the vowels

Life. . . Appreciate the people you meet with the tide

The encounter was a momentary one

In that moment, you need to value yourself

Whether the break-up or break-up will come soon?

No one can ever say with certainty to those who are dear to you right now

Be careful again, nothing is foretold or impossible to know

When it comes to separation, it is important that you do not repent

If I don’t pay attention, I don’t regret it

Therefore, appreciate the people who meet with the flood

I don’t want any regrets in my separation.

When you meet a speaker, just pay as much as you can

Whales are terrifying, too, and they will not escape

This life is satisfied with the feeling that this is the only way

When you lose your balance, just forget

Meeting breakups is one of the most common myths

But did you meet because of the flood? Did you meet to pay the debt?

When you are separated, you will know.