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In Shwe Yin Aye, Thaketa can help. Bread In addition to the stone paddy The bread is perfect. Coconut milk and sweetened milk taste. Let’s see how.

– Let’s do some rock work before we start

Components in the backyard

1. Gaga Stone – 1 Pack (small package)

2. Sugar – 25 Kyats

3. Coconut Cream – Half container

How to Make Stone

1. Put a jar of water into a large pan and set aside to boil.

2. Then put all the sugar in a pan and let it simmer.

3. Then mix the ketchup in a small amount of water and mix in the pan and stir frequently until soft.

4. When the dough is tender, mix the coconut milk and mix.

5. Then pour the icing into a container and let it cool.

Note. : If you want to make 2 quarts, pour half of the cinnamon syrup into the tray first. Add the coconut milk and add to the remaining half of the coconut water.

Items in Shwe Yin Aye

1. Donuts – 1 Country

2. Tea Cucumber (small capsule) – 200 g

3. Wheat – 10 Kyats

4. Stone

5. 1 coconut (1 squeezed juice)