The last skyscraper in the world

United States of America, Located in the southern Loop area of ​​Chicago’s Monadnock, it has a total of 16 storeys and is the world’s tallest skyscraper. Located between the Chicago River and Michigan Lake, it stands as a magnificent building.

At that time, the bricks were very productive and cheap to use in construction throughout the United States. However, the fact that the bricks are too heavy is not suitable for high-rise buildings.

Therefore, today, concrete or steel poles, pillars, and poles can be used to withstand weight on high-rise buildings. You can see that the packaging was built. The walls of the buildings were intended to be more than a building block.

By the early 19th century, steel had been used as a test material in many forms and had not been used in the construction of buildings. By 1856, the English scientist Henery Bessemer demonstrated the method of bonding steel, and only after another 100 years was the steel assembly process in Bessemer’s buildings come to life.