Non-Mask in Singapore must carry up to S $ 1,000

In Singapore, everyone is reminded to wear a mask. If you are caught outside and you are not wearing a Mask for the first time, it will cost S $ 300. A fine of up to S $ 1,000 can be fined on the second visit.

The announcement was made on Tuesday by various ministries handling the virus against the virus, and all citizens must comply. Some of the men were still traveling in the public area, but they found the Mask unregistered.

Anyone who leaves age 2 or older must follow this rule and should wear a Mask as an adult who cares for their children. Under the recommendation of medical experts, children under the age of two are not required to wear a mask.

Running fast People who do some intense physical training, such as jogging and running, can temporarily disengage the Mask and stop wearing it. Walking is not considered a strength-training exercise.

Drivers are not required to carry a Mask in the car, but passengers and passengers should be in the car. If others are in the car, they must be in the car but they must wear a mask.