Chin Committee urges effective support for Paletwa IDPs

The Palaung people have been displaced by the fighting for Paletwa residents and displaced people. Health The Chin Peace Committee (CPTC) urges them to take responsibility for education and security issues.

In addition, the May 10 statement urged the armed groups to return to their homeland safely and to protect the lives of innocent people.

More than 50 people from Paletwa Township have been killed and more than 6,000 have been displaced in Sittwe and Paletwa. The destruction of the villages caused the heavy shelling. The death and arrest of the people is the worst case of Chin people in history.

Therefore, it is urgently needed to organize the Chin Refugee Homes and the process of safeguarding the life and property of the Chin people.

In addition, the COVID-19 epidemic was identified as a common enemy, and the government, including the Tatmadaw and the AA, should prioritize the prevention and control of the disease, and put the fight on hold and make peace the priority.

The CPTC has been instrumental in the peace process between the government and the Chin National Front (CNF).