Myanmar has allowed 18 foreign investment projects worth more than US $ 290 million, with a maximum of 13 industries in the industry.

The Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) has approved 18 foreign investment projects worth more than US $ 290 million in six sectors of the economy.

The Myanmar Investment Commission was approved on April 5, 2010 at the Myanmar Investment Commission.

The meeting was attended by six foreign investment proposals; A total of 18 approved projects were approved in total.

One business, one hotel, A business in agriculture. Business, logistics and communications. In the other sector, 18 foreign investment projects were approved / approved in six sectors, totaling 13 enterprises in the industrial sector.

The total investment of 18 approved foreign investment companies amounted to US $ 294.545 million.

The Myanmar Investment Commission has approved and approved six projects, one approved and one approved. The Yangon Region Investment Committee approved nine activities; The Ayeyarwady Region Investment Committee approved the work and approved the Mandalay Region Investment Committee.

Foreign Investment Approval / Approval For the period more than six months from October 1 – 2019, the fiscal year 2015-2020, 154 foreign investment amounted to US $ 2.359 billion. During the period, total investment amounted to US $ 3.275 billion.

Over the past six months, total investment was granted, including increased investment under the SEZ Law, totaling US $ 91.857 million.

As a result, the total foreign investment amounted to US $ 3.367 billion over the last six months, according to the Myanmar Investment Commission.

Oil and gas sector, from the period 1988 – 1989 to the end of March 201-2020. Energy Sector Manufacturing; Transport and communications; Real estate Hotels and Tourism Mining; Livestock and Fisheries; Agriculture Industrial sector; Foreign direct investment is in 12 sectors such as construction and construction.

According to the report, the total investment in Myanmar was 1676 and the amount was K10,563 billion, with a value of US $ 10,563 billion.

Myanmar Investment Promotion Project has been implemented for five years (2016-2017 to 2020-2021); Medium term (2021-2022 to 2025-2026); It will take 10 years (2026-2027 to 2035-2036).