Household Knowledge

Have you decided to give up?

At work, I felt nothing but resentment, and I gradually moved away from despair.

Then he leaned in, leaning against a stone nearby.

It was only a sigh of relief.

An old man who was walking with him on a shovel and with a windshield was distraught, looking at him with disdain, and approached the man.

And he asked the young man, “What’s the matter with you, my nephew?”

The old man said, “I’m not happy.”

The same man looked at his father

Also, if the family doesn’t want to do something that doesn’t work well, the family is frustrated.

The old man smiled

You are still young and depressed

If you give up, you grow older

Look here how I do it … the old man turned his right leg

My legs were disabled at my early age

How can you be as hard-working as a good person without a leg?

But I tried to do what I could and put my whole heart into it

I was so diligent and diligent that I didn’t have to worry about my family’s livelihood now.

The young man looked at the old man and didn’t know what to say next.

And he said, O man, what wilt thou then?

I looked over there and showed a shriveled grass under a rock.

“They are not living well underground and they have to survive in order to survive in the atmosphere and solar energy.

The stone was rolled up and made out to life

“If you don’t have time to give up, you have to do something again.”

The young man was staring at the grass under the old stone, looking up at the old man.

My eyes were a little light.

“How am I like, I can’t do anything you can do, I regret the times when I was a kid.

Have you seen it there?

He showed me another little tree that was plucked up.

The young man was watching the old man.

You can cut that tree and pull it out

He could easily have died

But the plant is soft and its leaves are soft in the past.

He does not have the softest spirit that you are

He had been living through the hard times that had come to life and was enjoying the sunshine in the sky.

These are the things we have to imitate, and you have your own instincts, don’t get discouraged and don’t give up on the world.

At that moment, the young man thanked the old man with a happy face and began to take active steps.

The old man looked down at the young man’s face and nodded.

Of course, life does not have the time to live in the limelight.

We need to be full of energy, as the time has come to fight hard.

It is not possible for this to happen

If you make a decision early, it will get far.

Whenever there is an inconvenience

We are going to be asked what is the taste of the world.

Don’t give up. Let’s just smile