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The weird thing is: • The more you want, the more incomplete you are

When the ego is too much, it becomes a sense of worth to others.

The ego is never perfect.

The ego is weak.

So I look for a reliable source.

I rely on money. I rely on honor.

But it’s still very small.

Therefore, it does not feel complete. It is incomplete because of weakness. Want it It doesn’t really want to be used.

It is never complete in my nature.

He always needed it. My nature is always lacking.

He did not get a hundred thousand, nor did he get a hundred thousand.

Not even a billion dollars would be perfect. Here’s a look at the money.

From a human standpoint, there is no one perfect. Not even two.

Not enough for a house. It’s not enough with two cars, not one car. Not enough two.

The ego is often attached to greed.

I think the ego will be strong if it wants it. I want to be strong.

It doesn’t want to be used. Simple greed

I don’t want to use it. I want to be strong.

The weird thing is

The more we want, the more incomplete we become. (Why)

When there is little, there is contentment, but when there is more, it is not contentment.

I am more afraid of poverty.

Because ego is selfish, he thinks only of his own will.

He doesn’t want to destroy other people just to please him.

For example, if you pull this flower out, you can hold it in your hand for a while and become tired and let go.

The ego is tired.

Love is never tired. Self-worth is something for a while. He really loved what he loved.

He would pull the flower and hold it in his hand, and he would soon release it.

How long will it take you to recover? •••

Will he keep it if he loses? •••

Not saved. He will let go. The ego is only focused on getting it done for a while.

I don’t care about the other side.

The ego wants to destroy.

He wants to put others in his place.

I do not want to destroy anyone without my ego.

Without self, we value everything more.

He is more compassionate. Love more

More respectful.

Sayadaw U Zawtika (Maha Myaing Wilderness)